The BA - KRO GmbH
a German company operating Europe-wide.

BA - KRO GmbH is a German company operating Europe-wide. The company´s focus is on the design, distribution, installation and maintenance of building/property protection systems. This includes high-end systems for areas with high security requirements.

During the installation process, mechanical and electronic components are fitted to the individual property requirements in accordance with producer specifications. This has advantages for our customers because they receive comprehensive services, mechanical and electronics-wise from just one provider; from expert advice, planning, distribution over delivery and professional installation, to maintenance of the systems.

Our policy is based on the use of innovative products and their optimal functioning within the overall system.

Due to good and longstanding relationships with a select number of suppliers we are able to make you an individual offer for your property.

We control our own parts-production and therefore have many spare parts at our disposal, independent of availability from other manufacturers.

Our know-how, acquired from years of practical operations, puts us in a position to guarantee our clients the highest security standards.

Our company is pre-qualified (registered number 001.708709).

Federal and European-wide multi-vendor service and support, our comprehensive repair service (24hrs a day) and preventative maintenance complete our range of services and make us a competent and reliable partner for our clients.


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